2019 Cost When Getting  A Surround Sound System Installed

2019 Cost When Getting  A Surround Sound System Installed

It really depends on what is involved in the wiring and how many pieces of equipment need to be installed. The equipment that will determine the costs and the amount of speakers to be mounted or set up on table top, the speaker or audio cables that need to be in wall fished, flat screen TV, soundbar, rear speakers etc. The total cost can run between $100-$3500. Here are some of the costs and scenarios below:


  • Soundbar installation or mounting$85
  • TV Mounting on drywall or brick without in wall wiring$150
  • TV Mounting on drywall or brick with concealed wiring and electric outlet behind TV$250-$400
  • 5 or 7.1 speaker mounting or setup without in wall wiring$100
  • 5 or 7.1 speaker mounting and setup with concealed rear surround wiring$250
  • Projector mounting on ceiling$100
  • Projector screen mounting (pull down/fixed)$75-$145
  • Projector mounting with electric/HDMI/speaker in wall wiring$750-$2000


  • 1 Soundbar with wireless subwooferAvg. $399
  • Ceiling speakers In-wall $199/pair
  • 500-1000 watts subwoofer $499
  • 16/2 1000 speaker wires $125/box
  • Blur Ray/Playstation 4 $299
  • 75 ft. HDMI $100
  • Mid level DLP/LCD High Def projector $1299
  • Projector ceiling bracket $45
  • Projector screen pull down $295
  • Projector screen fixed $649
  • Flatscreen 65” 4K television $1299

Surround Sound System Brands

There are many decent brands that you can shop for when purchasing a quality sounding surround sound system. Each one of which has a unique style, quality and appearance. Generally, it is best not to mix and match speakers from different brands, but some homeowners do so with great results. While the best brand for any particular surround sound system depends on the budget and expectations of the buyer, some of the leading brands in the industry include the following:

  • Samsung– Known for very high quality HD television pictures
  • Sony– Known for good sounding soundbars and good quality 4K flat screens
  • Vizio– Budget friendly 2.1 and 5.1 soundbars as well as televisions
  • LG– Nice smart TV’s with a lot of features/apps compared to the others
  • Polk Audio– Great quality in wall/ceiling speakers
  • Definitive– Awesome tower and floor sounding speakers as well as subwoofers
  • Yamaha/Denon– Budget Friendly 5.1 to 9.2 receivers
  • Epson/Viewsonic– These DLP/LCD high definition projectors are reasonably priced and give you a great picture

So to summarize, depending on the size of your living space whether it is an apartment or basement will depend on how involved the wiring and installation will cost when setting up a surround sound system.

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