Smart lighting enables you to save in numerous ways on your energy bills. Forgot to turn the lights off before you left? Easily take care of that from your phone. Going out for the evening? Place different lights on a different schedule, never a need to keep them all on at one time. You can also adjust the brightness of each individual light, a great way to save money and balance your lighting look.

In addition to the smart features of these bulbs, the LED aspect will also contribute to savings on your utility bill. Not only can a LED bulb be used for 10x or more than the number of hours compared to an incandescent, but can also use up to 80% less energy to keep your room lit!


Smart lighting can also help protect your home! The different lights in your home can be set up on a schedule or even randomized for certain hours of the day to always ensure it looks like you are home. Do you arrive home after dark? Lights can be set up to turn on by a motion sensor or even to recognize when you are returning home via your phone’s location!


Let’s be serious, who hasn’t been comfortable on the couch and wanted to turn the lights off for their favorite movie? Or wished they didn’t have to fumble for light switches in the middle of the night? Smart lights can make all aspects of your home life more convenient.

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