Smart locks typically reuse the existing deadbolt lock hole in your door. Brands such as Schlage, Kwikset, Nest, Yale, and August lock act like deadbolts in that they actuate the bolt work, only electronically. Besides allowing keyless entry, most smart locks send you alerts and keep track of whoever enters or leaves the home. You can email limited access passes to guests and trusted family or friends and remotely lock and unlock the doors when you are out of town.

Our professional technicians are available for immediate installation and upgrades to your home security and door locks. We can upgrade your existing home locks and deadbolts with new, high-security wireless smart locks and electronic deadbolts!

  • Keyless entry system with unique user codes
  • High-security lock that pick and bump resistent
  • Remote monitoring and security notifications
  • Connect to your home security system, Alexa or Google Home

Use of some features may require additional hardware or service. Consult with our technician for recommendations based on your home and security needs.

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